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45% Of Everything Else




The female human body is made up of 55% water and 45% everything else.  The human form changes from the moment it is created.  We divide and multiply and are born.  From the moment of birth our shape and story will continually reform.   Our bodies are a map of our lives.  We are more than skin deep.  Our joy, tragedy and tribulations are held within our 45%.


This exhibition includes new work by Carolyn Mason and Lesley McDermott - drawings, prints, constructions and sculpture. It is an exploration of the female: her stages, her stories, her body; how she will change, reshape and morph within her lifetime; and how the 45% will respond to being alive.  The exhibition is about the dilemma of the 45% of everything else and the vessels that hold the remaining 55% of water.



The Alchemy Experiment

157 Byres Road, G12 8TS



Friday 31st May                      19.00-22.00


Mon - Thu                                  8.30-18.00

Fri                                                 8.30-22.00

Sat                                               9.00-22.00

Sun                                             10.00-18.00


Carolyn Mason was born in 1964 in Ayrshire, Scotland. She graduated from Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, London in 1986. On her return to Scotland, she produced and exhibited work; lectured in Art and Design at Ayr College of Technology (now the University of the West of Scotland) and established Hanging Together with five other artists (Peter Russell, Karen Strang, Val Shatwell, Nicola Carberry and Paul Eames).  The group created installations in gallery and non- gallery spaces extensively throughout central Scotland from the 1990s onwards and also collaborated on a number of European projects. In 1996 she was elected a professional member of the Scottish Society of Artists (SSA).

Having specialised in woven tapestry and printmaking at art school, process and construction continue to underpin her interests. The materials she uses inform both the construction and content of the works which evolve out of the layering of ideas and motifs. Her work is journalistic in nature and invariably she uses her own body as the starting point for the image, manipulating it to explore the passing of time, change and fragility.


Lesley McDermott

"Through socially engaged practice methodology, and mixed media installation, I often employ the use of a variety of materials, regularly finding myself working with sculptural techniques. I have developed an affinity towards making connections within site-specific spaces, often combining methods incorporating found objects, ceramics, printed or painted textiles, screen print and elements of sound, light or video projection. I explore transitions, movement, or engagement with place, nature, or relationships between participants experience and the subjects being considered, I endeavour to find ways of expressing creatively towards well-being.

As a socially engaged practitioner, I have a passion for the role that Art plays in our society, inherent to my approach is an active interest in diversity and inclusion. I am proactive in facilitating opportunities for professional engagement as a curator and developing creative networks. Alongside this, I have taught Art in colleges, schools, and other community settings."

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