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The Alchemy Experiment

157 Byres Road, G12 8TS



Friday 12th  August                   19.00-22.00


Monday - Saturday*                 9.00-18.00

Sunday                                         10.00-17.00

Friday                                             9.00-21.00





I see your voice, there was a silence




Veronika is a Bulgarian multimedia creative currently based in Glasgow who is engaged predominantly in the field of architecture, painting and photography. Her artistic practice began in 2018 when she received the RSA John Kinross Travel Scholarship to Florence. There, she developed a body of work consisting of pastel paintings and double exposure analog photographs which interpreted and distorted the city’s urban fabric through the process of layering, over-exposing and blurring. The medium of multiple exposure analog photography focuses on exploring the fragility and impermanence of memory in relation to the context through highlighting texture, form, detail, light and ambiance. This method of representation gradually got translated into her watercolour life drawings which aimed at capturing the body in movement.

Her recent work navigates between figuration and abstraction, painting and photography and draws away from the explicitly defined or ‘perfect’ figurative image. The overexposed and out of focus photographs and multi media paintings are a series of playful experiments that aim to blur the line between painting and photography. The representation of the female body in movement remains a constant thread throughout all works, however, unlike the photographs which express this theme more explicitly, the satin paintings reveal a more elusive and metaphysical presence.

Veronika’s paintings portray an inner presence and sense of intimacy through their fluidity and organic composition. The satin and semi translucent fabric plays a key role in maintaining a sense of fragility and delicateness allowing for gradual metamorphosis of the composition due to the reflectiveness and sheen of the material that partially erases the image when seen from certain angles in light and transparency. Various types of fabrics usually used for underlining of dresses are strategically chosen for their smoothness, lustrousness and unique porous properties allowing the ink and water to flow and create often unpredictable staining patterns determined by the force, speed and sudden densities of pouring of the liquids.
Both types of work - photography and painting - illustrate the fine balance between control and chance as the low shutter speed and diluted ink staining patterns present a certain amount of unpredictability that remains untamed.

Division (2022)

oil and wax on canvas, dyed chiffon, satin 122cm x 92cm

Or pay £250 for 5 months

I See Your Voice, There Was a Silence (2022)

oil and wax on canvas, chiffon and satin

122cm x 92cm

Or pay £168 for 5 months

Residual Scars (2022)

oil and wax on chiffon, canvas, plastic

168cm x 135cm

Or pay £440 for 5 months

I Hung My Skin to Dry (2022)

oil, thread and wax on mixed fabrics

Approx. 160cm x 90cm

Or pay £70 for 5 months

Cold Evening Dip (2022)

oil and wax on canvas, dyed chiffon

91cm x 61cm

Or pay £110 for 5 months

Frankenstein (2022)

oil and wax on canvas, satin, chiffon

167cm x 130cm

Or pay £380 for 5 months

I Hung My Skin to Dry. Again (2022)

oil, thread and wax on mixed fabrics

Approx. 160cm x 90cm

Or pay £70 for 5 months

The Touch (2022)

wax and thread on undergarment fabric

20cm x 20cm

Or pay £80 for 4 months

Pompeii 2017AD X01 (2022)

cloth, plaster, hair, foam, acrylic

20cm x 20cm x 45cm

Or pay £144 for 5 months

Pompeii 2017AD X02 (2022)

cloth, plaster, hair, foam, acrylic

20cm x 20cm x 35cm

Or pay £150 for 5 months

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