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The Alchemy Experiment

157 Byres Road, G12 8TS



Friday 13th Oct.                      19.00-21.00


Mon - Sat                                  9.00-18.00

Sun                                            10.00-18.00






Belong To The Barras



"Belong To The Barras," dives into the heart of Glasgow's iconic Barras Market through the lens of the winner of the 2023 Herald Media Award for Photography, Samuel J. Mitchell. His fascinating exhibition takes you on a visual journey that brings to life the vibrant spirit, the stories, and the hidden moments that define this historic marketplace.


For decades, the Barras Market has been more than just a place to shop; it's a living tapestry of culture, tradition, and community.  “Belong To The Barras” celebrates the diversity of faces, the kaleidoscope of wares, and the genuine connections that unfold within these bustling aisles.


As you connect with these images, each frame has been carefully captured to encapsulate the authenticity of The Barras. From the seasoned traders who've weathered the changing tides, to the curious souls exploring the market for the first time, every photograph tells a story, whispers a memory, and paints a vivid picture of life in this bustling hub.


But “Belong To The Barras” isn't just about frozen moments in time; it's about the intangible threads that tie individuals to this place. It's about the laughter shared, the negotiations undertaken, and the shared humanity that unfolds daily amidst the cacophony of voices, the aroma of street food, and the eclectic mix of treasures on display.


As you move from one image to the next, let these photographs transport you to the very essence of The Barras. Let them be a reminder that even in our rapidly changing world, there are pockets where tradition and community stand firm, where the past and present merge, and where the human spirit continues to thrive.


So, immerse yourself in the visual narrative and let the stories captured within these images resonate within your own experiences. "Belong To The Barras" is more than a collection of photographs; it's an invitation to connect with a place, a people, and a way of life that has endured through time.


Enjoy the journey.


Samuel J. Mitchell 


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