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The Alchemy Experiment

157 Byres Road, G12 8TS



Tuesday 5th Dec.                   19.00-22.00



Mon - Sat                                   9.00-18.00

Sun                                              10.00-18.00





Enya 2.0



ENYA 2.0 is a celebration to mark one year since flos collective was formed.


This exhibition will showcase work created by women and non-binary artists in Glasgow.

All the artists taking part in this exhibition have been selected through an open call, allowing us to curate a diverse and multifaceted showcase of talent.


There will be an opening event for the exhibition which will include performances from artists we have worked with during the first year of flos collective as well as some new faces.

We look forward to seeing you there!


* tickets here

flos collective, a Glasgow-based project, directed by Catherine Allison and Esme Stewart, is dedicated to championing women and non-binary artists, bridging the gender gap in the art world.


We facilitate accessible spaces that promote collaboration and growth, nurturing a vibrant and inclusive artistic community.


Drawing from our own experiences as emerging artists, we recognise the challenges posed by time constraints and financial limitations.

Through flos collective we offer opportunities for artists to present their practice in a curatorial environment and be part of a growing community.

One chair , two chairs

Kristina Haritonova

Cotton fabric, wooden dowels, 2023

150cm x 112cm


Originating from Latvia, the artist embarked on a transformative journey at the age of 18, relocating to the UK to cultivate their artistic aspirations. Driven by an enduring passion for art, the artist’s early years in Latvia lacked the conducive environment for creative development. Through resilience and diligent effort, they realised their dream of becoming an artist, sharing profound ideas and emotions with the world.

Specialising in figurative visual art, the artist’s work is a deep dive into the intricate tapestry of the human experience. Their creations distil complex, intangible emotions into powerful visual forms, communicating with viewers on a profound and instinctive level. Figures within their portfolio authentically convey human emotions and explore the connection between individuals and society, often eschewing explicit facial expressions in favour of abstract body forms.

Educationally, the artist obtained Art and Design Diplomas from York College, progressing to an Art and Design Extended Diploma Level 3. Currently pursuing a BA in Sculpture and Environmental Art at the esteemed Glasgow School of Art, their artistic odyssey continues to unfold, marked by a dedication to unravelling the nuanced interplay of individuality, society, and the profound mysteries of the human soul.

I Wish This Was A Self-Portrait

Olivia Ausin Gonzalez

Acrylic on canvas, 2023

61x76.2 cm


Olivia, or Oli for family and friends, is a 24-year-old Spanish painter. Her family comes from the north of Spain (Asturias) but she grew up in Alicante, which makes her a Mediterranean lover. Of the sea, the sand, the heat, the cañas and the sun. She moved to Glasgow to study engineering and stayed after finishing university as she could not leave such a vibrant and energetic city, with such a thriving art scene.

Oli has been interested in art since before she can remember, inheriting this gift from her mum’s side of the family. Hence, before finding a job, she was at the perfect stage in life to begin taking painting more seriously, for her own enjoyment, commissions, and even for her alt-rock band’s cover art.

She uses acrylic as her painting medium and her prime focus is people, colour, and shape. She enjoys exploring feelings of fulfilment, peace, tranquillity, warmth, and self-love, and expresses them through body language and the figure’s interaction with the space in the canvas.


Esme Stewart

Oil on Canvas, 2023

62 x 45 cm

Esme Stewart is a Glasgow-based artist who brings a diverse range of creative expressions to the foreground of her practice. With a degree in Painting and Printmaking from the Glasgow School of Art, Esme’s artistic journey has been one of continuous exploration and innovation.

Alongside being the co-founder of flos collective, she has delved into various mediums to convey her artistic vision.

While her primary focus lies in the world of contemporary oil painting, Esme’s artistic evolution has led her to explore moving image, photography, and sculpture throughout her career. Her work resonates with a profound appreciation for the art of making, which can be seen through her experimental approach to trying new mediums.

Of Buchanan, Stott and Dennistoun-Brown (1800-1915)

Tally Tunnell

96 x 64 cm

Lithograph, 2023

Price on Request

Tally Tunnell is a Scottish artist currently studying at the Glasgow School of Art. Her work seeks to question and reframe how relational space - between people and between communities - interacts with physical space, as represented by its non-human bodies. By embarking in a constant, iterative process of mapping, collecting, archiving, and remapping these spaces, her practice seeks to reframe and explore the nuanced historical and political contexts of land ownership and use.

‘Of Buchanan,Stott and Dennistoun-Brown (1800-1915)’, refers to the wealthy owners of the Balloch Castle Country Park at the time of which the tree shown was planted, then remapped and scrutinised in its historical context to emerge as a palimpsest. A use of boxes within her work reference both the traditional use of graphics within published and distributed texts such as maps and posters, playing with the visual perception and connotations of these, and also the invisible boundaries communities in both local and wider global contexts face in gaining access to and ownership of physical spaces. A box can both reframe and contain, and can be a tool in which we look closer and also a weapon in which to isolate. A layering of the seen and unseen.

The Vegan Butcher part 2

Stina Aldén

The work consists of 3 black and white photographic prints, framed in a scale of 20x20cm.

The prints are shot 120 film, both black and white and colour converted to black and white. 2023.

Price on Request.

Stina Aldén, born 1997 in Sweden, is a photographer currently based in Glasgow finishing her studies in Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art. A lot of Stina’s work evolves around her background coming from a masculine and labour intensive environment, and with that the contrast to the life she’s currently living. Stina’s work is also a reflection of trying to understand herself and how her persona is affected by her surroundings.

Birch trees

Sasha Beteeva

pencil on paper, 2023


Price on Request

Alexandra Beteeva (b. 1999, Moscow) is based in Glasgow and received her BA in Painting and Printmaking from Glasgow School of Art in 2022. Interested in post-Soviet spaces that are loving and familiar, a process of presenting history in the form of personal and collective memory, she asks what it means to be homesick for a home one never had.

Stuck between history, place and time, she crystallises the collective experience of the past. Alexandra was selected for the RSA New

Contemporaries award, Bloomberg New Contemporaries and is a recipient of the Euan Stewart Memorial Prize for Printmaking.

Wild Woman and river (-flag)

Sofia Caers

upcycled cotton fabric and wool dyed with red cabbage and black beans

Print of digital photograph, 2022


may everything i do flow from me like a river

Sofia Caers

woven-piece on tree branch: upcycled wool dyed with carrot tops, dyer’s

polypore mushroom, artist’s conk mushroom, red cabbage, black beans, oak

galls, tea leaves, avocado, 2022

80 x 23 cm

Tree-woman (bark armour)

Sofia Caers

From ongoing series of photographs

Giclee print, 2023

30 x 42 cm

Sofia Caers is a multidisciplinary artist based in Scotland. Through her years at Glasgow School of Art her work became increasingly nature-focused and since graduating in 2022 she’s been living in a yurt by the woods, developing her art practice through learning crafting techniques and primitive skills.

The work Sofia creates, although very different in form, is unified by a strong sense of atmosphere, which is tied to Nature and its omnipresence within it - her art becomes a vibrant conversation where, like a spider-web, common themes intertwine with each other. Within it lies an important spiritual component.

Important backbones of her practice are feminism and sustainability – activism is a key part of her work that often comes through in a subtle way. Sofia is interested in bringing critical reflection to the collective narratives we hold while celebrating nature and beauty. In the past couple of years her work has been focused on the archetype of the Wild Woman.

“Through mark-making, digital media and organic matter, I explore my experience of being a Woman – reclaiming the right to embody my most authentic expression; be that wild and free or soft and slow.” - Sofia Caers

Dreading Thursday on Wednesday

Abbey Elizabeth Campbell

Acrylic Spray Paint, Matt Varnish Finish,2023

70x100/ 1200 mins


Glasgow School of Art Graduate, Abbey Elizabeth Campbell, is a mixed media artist, based in Glasgow. She graduated with a degree in woven textile design in 2022, now focusing on a more two-dimensional style of working, acrylic paint being her now preferred medium.

Campbell’s work uses colour to evoke emotion and escapism from the mundane every day. She uses photography to capture colour combinations that will inspire future bodies of work, gathering masses of imagery from the city of Glasgow and beyond. Colour is the driving force within Campbell’s work, always pushing the boundaries and what is considered ‘ordinary’.

Crustacean Pendant

Samantha Sloane


Foraged charcoal, bio resin, freshwater pearl, raw cut opal, 925 sterling silver, waxed cotton cord




Crustacean Pendant

Samantha Sloane


Foraged mussel shell, bio resin, freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystal, raw cut opal, sterling silver, waxed cotton cord



Crustacean Brooch

Samantha Sloane


Foraged crustacean and mussel shell, bio resin, raw cut opal, cubic zirconia, 925 sterling silver, steel



Samantha’s wearable artworks reflect on her past and current lived experiences growing up on the Scottish West coast. By taking inspiration from ‘A Philosophy of Walking’ by Frederic Gros, her jewellery acts as a hybrid between aspects of the landscape and its biodiversity that she encounters on her wanders. Samantha challenges the idea of preciousness by exploring materiality through found objects and different composites, as well as working with precious and non-precious gemstones. Based in the city of Glasgow, Samantha currently develops her practise through questioning themes of nostalgia and memory, in addition to collaborating with other artists and
designers. Her work has gone on to win several awards, and has been showcased internationally.

Blue afternoon

Meghan Josephine

Oil paint on canvas, 2023

Price on Request

Meghan Josephine is an artist who’s currently in her final year at Glasgow school of Art. Her paintings act as a personal crusade, mirroring her innermost beliefs, providing her with a platform in which she depicts the human form, exploring the boundaries between both classical figuration and modern abstraction. Mark making reflects her emotions, how she pushes, erases and scrapes at the oil paint, reconstructing the perception of body and beauty.

Diagnosed post-virally with chronic fatigue syndrome at aged fifteen, she battled asthenia, her shrinking form and when put on bed rest she taught herself to paint. To Meghan, her body became an object to prod and to poke, her flesh revealed and contorted her inner anguish. Meghan’s research directly impacts her work, by using photographs from library archives, popular media culture and her own personal photographs she intends to exploit tensions between past and present to create a dialectical interplay between narratives around gender. Re-drawing a women’s place in history, exposing gender suppression, she aims to create a balance between representing women and creating a darker undercurrent to invite meaningful conversation about women’s rights.


Militsa Milenkova

Discarded items, 2022

(shisha hose, spray painted hose hook, pom poms, magnets)

30x15x3 cm


Militsa Milenkova is an artist, designer and maker based in Glasgow.

She creates jewellery and objects as a means of communicating her thoughts and feelings and draws inspiration mainly from her surroundings and personal experiences. In her practice she explores various concepts that intrigue her, while triggering her creativity by experimenting with different materials.

Through the use of discarded materials and found objects, she challenges the notion of value in materials and poses the question of what is considered precious and why.

The Creature That Fell In Love With The Sun

Lilly Lea

Lino Printed Book, 2023

12.5 x 17.6 cm

£10 for books, £5 for prints

Lilly Lea is an artist, currently in her final year of sculpture at GSA. Lilly’s work is about drawing a dialogue with the natural world, a healing experience of connecting to and becoming a vessel through which the earth can find expression.

“Learning the processes of printmaking has been really important to my practice over the past year! It has allowed me to explore and delve into the nature of story and storytelling- ways of bridging the connections between all things/ beings. Life is so innately connected to story. I believe that there is so much power in the unifying nature of story to bring people together, and heal divisions. I hope that through story, I am able to weave narratives of togetherness, connecting and bridging the gaps between things.

Tenderness is something that returns to me over and over again in my work. A way of treating and considering things. Something that I feel reflects our need to look towards life with more tenderness, with more heart. As we try to find new ways of being in our world, as we are able to find ways of expressing our love and gratitude for our world.”

Frame One, light forever

Daisy Weir

Oil paint on board, wooden frame, earthenware ceramic features, 2023

24.7x18cm (frame: 45x52cm)


Daisy Weir is a painter and ceramicist from Glasgow. Using abstract painting as the primary focus of her practice, Daisy examines

moments of time experienced personally and deconstructs them. To deconstructing memories in the shape of film photography, heirlooms and found objects, to rebuilding the narrative of memory and moment through abstraction and experimental framing of her paintings.

The ceramic additions on Daisy’s work reimagines the idea of framing paintings and helps to expand the tranquillity of the painted moment.

Purchase enquires - contact us at



with performances by:

Ella Mayne, performance spoken word

Ella (she/her) is a poet and writer who is interested in exploring everyday experiences and emotions, starting from a place of the mundane and everyday she looks to unpick and uncover the latent meaning. Her work is often related to and unintentionally returns to the theme of belonging; what it means to belong? How and where we feel at home? How we (de)construct a sense of belonging and home Investigating both the physical and mental manifestations of belonging, and the way this intersects with other themes of sexuality, mental health, and relationships.

Peilin Shi, In The Pouring Rain In The Mountain, Performance (singing, spoken words)

Peilin Shi (she/her), Hakka, is a Glasgow-based storyteller and researcher. With a passion for exploring the dynamics of social structure within urban context, voicing up for underrepresented communities, and championing human connections, Peilin’s artist focus weaves images, objects, texts to create thought-provoking and emotionally resonant works to encourage community engagement and cross-cultural communication.

Grayling (Emma Murdoch), Music Performance

Grayling is the artist project of Glasgow based singer-songwriter Emma Murdoch, inspired by folk music of the 60’s and indie femme artists of the moment such as Courtney Marie Andrews, Madison Cunningham and Faye Webster. Grayling pours emotive imagery into her lyrics which dance in partnership with her dulcet tones and wistful guitar melodies.

She worked closely with producer Luke Palmer on her debut EP - ‘Greenhouse’ which was released last year on the 3rd of August.

The first single from the EP - ‘River Song’ gained Track of the Week on BBC Radio Scotland, as well as receiving plays on BBC Introducing and remains on Spotify editorial playlists - ‘Scotify’ and ‘Fresh Finds UK & Ireland’.

Receiving a publishing deal with Wild Cove Recordings, Grayling has just recorded EP 2 with her band and continues to gig in and around Glasgow.


Lola Aluko, Music performance


Lola is an actor, singer & occasional songwriter. Her music tends to take influence from r&b, neo-soul and bedroom pop. Currently working on different song ideas, Lola wants to build her sound more and then release music along the way. As well as making her own

songs, she also enjoys taking existing songs and adding her own flare to them to give them a new feel or to explore layering and harmonies.

Mokusla, Music Performance

Mokusla, Born 1993, Donegal, Ireland, is the musical alter ego of the Irish visual artist Lou Rowland.

A name inspired by the Irish Gaelic ‘Mo Chuisle’ meaning my pulse, my darling. The Glasgow-based queer artist writes, produces & sings, inviting you into her ethereal and haunting world. Mokusla’s music invokes a dream-like feeling, blending dream-pop, folk and electronic elements. Her practice is vast and multi-disciplined across visual, audio & written work. Lou is also illustrator & printmaker running the Risograph print studio Wild Press. She divides her time between visual art and music often blending practices.

Since the release of mokusla’s debut EP ‘you don’t know what you’re missing’ in October 2022, her songs have been featured on BBC Introducing Scotland, BBC Radio Foyle, local radio stations & Nialler’s Best New Irish Music playlist. Upon playing in Old Hairdressers, with Sofar Sounds, Creative Mornings and having recently supported Ripley’s sold out Glasgow show in May 2023, mokusla’s performance practice continues to evolve.

‘It’s captivating, dream-like and completely transported me into a whole different world’ - Phoebe Inglis-Holmes, BBC Introducing

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