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Portrait of Helen Eel Robinson by Peter Clark



The Alchemy Experiment

157 Byres Road, G12 8TS



8th October 2021                      19.00-23.00



Monday - Saturday                   9.00-18.00

Sunday.                                        10.00-18.00


Love & Chaos




" We began creating this show July 2021, with an open call based around the theme of ‘Love and Chaos’ – words that seemed to sum up how life has been over the past 18 months. The number of responses to the brief was truly overwhelming and we appreciate everyone who took the time to submit their work. The contributors to the exhibition and the accompanying publication have created a stunning collection of work that will act as a memento to the pandemic years and also as a testament to the importance of creative output during the chaos.

There are 40 artists featured in this exhibition, all with varied responses, techniques and mediums. A common thread amongst pieces seems to be that of playing with or highlighting the mundane parts of life, or what seemed mundane before things changed. Some pieces highlight the good and the bad in things so normal and routine we barely even notice them anymore. Some pieces twist the norm to shock, some make it funny or sad or beautiful.

So I guess that is how the theme of love and chaos has taken visual form, in those familiar things, the repetition, the small and comforting, the love and need for your friends and family, against, and infused by, the backdrop of chaos."

- The Alchemy Experiment

Contributing Artists:

Aarushi Kalra
Al Bates
Angus Fernie
Anchor Lab
Antony Lucchesi
Anya Naumovic
Babar Suleman
Becky Brewis
Bethany Grace
Bingyu Li
Brigitte Bregagna
Claire Murphy
Corrine Marshal
Daniel Adey
Danielle Metcalfe-Shaw
Dan O’Brien & Lucy Russell

Erin Collins

Flora Lawrence
Gemma Kitson
Greta Kalva
Helen Eel Robinson & Andrew Sutherland
Iona Hall
Jessica Hamp
Jess Wishart
Josh Croll
Katie Forbes
Luke Rooney
Meli Vasiloudes Bayada
Michaela McManus
Molly Hankinson
Molly McAllister
Niamh McInally
Owen Pyle
Rachel Smith

Rosalind Shrivnas
Rothnie Daly
Ruby Lord
Sarah Grant
Sara Robinson
Sean Wheelan
Sam Mitchell
Silvia Marcantoni Taddei
Sophie J. Morrison
Tiago Rodrigues
Thomas Clarke Hillan & Michaela McManus
Valeria Gascón-Grajales
Xuejie Zhou
Yeonsu Ju
Yudji Oliveira
Zoe Gibson

"Love & Chaos" available to buy here

Opening night pictures by Peter Clark ( @pekyclark )

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