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Snorkelling Artists Residency





The Alchemy Experiment

157 Byres Road, G12 8TS



Thursday 11th April                19.00-22.00


Mon - Thu                                  8.30-18.00

Fri                                                 8.30-22.00

Sat                                               9.00-22.00

Sun                                             10.00-18.00


Argyll Coast & Islands Hope Spot
Snorkelling Artists Residency - Group show

The Argyll Coast and Islands Hope Spot is a community-led celebration of this part of Scotland’s world-class natural riches. It is the first Hope Spot in mainland UK.

Hope Spots are special places, vital for the ocean’s health, linked by the international organisation 
Mission Blue. This growing global network of around 150 Hope Spots also includes the Galapagos Islands and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Collectively, Hope Spots are creating a global wave of community support for ocean conservation that policymakers cannot ignore.

Through our annual snorkelling artist residencies we hope to bring audiences closer to the incredible world hidden beneath the surface of Argyll’s waters. Our first residencies took place in 2021 and we have hosted them each summer since.

This exhibition celebrates the work and work-in-progress of our 2023 residency artists. Nine artists took the opportunity to join us in the Argyll Hope Spot to learn, explore and make work under the waves. The group includes visual artists, illustrators, animators, ceramicists, musicians, poets and storytellers from Argyll and across Scotland.

They worked on the shore and in the water - evening experimenting with mark-making and sketching whilst snorkelling. Their explorations bring to life scenes that we don’t normally see, and are not often represented through art. Through the work shared in this exhibition our artists offer you a glimpse of the diverse habitats, species, colour, texture, stories and sounds that can be found under the water just off our coasts.

During the residency artists developed new skills, made connections and collected material to help them further their own practice. We hope that after spending time in Argyll’s waters our artists become champions for the species and habitats they encountered, and that they inspire you to learn more about Scotland’s incredible coasts.

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